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Here is an absolutely free SEO software to optimize your website, study the optimization techniques of other websites, find backward link exchange partners, manage link exchange partners and find keywords to use for your website.
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Power Features of Free SEO Surf®

SEO Surf® is a powerful yet easy to use software that is meant to assist both novice and expert SEO enthusiasts.
It allows you to quickly analyze any web page and find out what makes it hot for the search engines.
It also allows you to shortlist, follow up and manage potential link partners just by simple clicks as you surf the net. Backward link management will no longer be a painful task.
It also finds keywords related to your base keywords.
SEOSurf is smart enough to show you the urls that you are surfing right now in IE and it makes it easy for you to select these urls just by a click of a button.
Finally, SEOSurf is bound to impress you by the comprehensive help and support that you usually never get for other free software.
The highlights of SEOSurf are:

  • Keyword Analysis Features NEW in ver 0.7.0
    • Find keywords from overture and also the usage of these keywords during the last month
    • Export the list of keywords to html
  • SEO Analysis Features
    • Page Summary of any page
    • Outgoing Links from any page along with the Anchor Text
    • Incoming Links to any page
    • Meta Tags on any page
    • Images available on any page along with the ALT tag.
  • Backlink Management Features
    • Manage multiple projects for backlinking to multiple urls
    • Add link partners as you surf the net
    • Single page list of all the partners along with status management and summary
    • Send customized emails to each link partner
    • Verify links that link back to you
    • Create categorized link directory pages.
  • Search Engine Analysis
    • Find top results for given keyword in major search engines
    • Find link popularity of any url
  • Minimizes to the system tray
    • Does not clutter the desktop
    • Easy to use quick menu, accessible by just a single click
  • Comprehensive SupportInbuilt help file that you can access by pressing F1
    • Feature to reports bugs and issues on the site of SEOSurf
    • Regular updates and new versions
  • Free Co-brand
    • Free co-branding of SEOSurf for a limited time.

Download Free SEO Surf®

Requirements: SEO Surf® has been tested and works well with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows XP and Windows 98. It should work without any problems on other windows operating systems.

Click here to download SEO Surf®

the Free Search Engine Optimization and Backward Link management software.

Note: SEO Surf ® is a FREE software. You can download and use it for free for as long as you want. It does NOT carry any adware/spyware/viruses/scumware etc.

You DO NOT need to submit your email or share any kind of personal information to use or distribute this software.

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